I can tell you what is wrong with your website

“Your website has some serious problems”

Recently I was in Denver, meeting with a local business owner. The meeting wasn’t about her website, it was about partnering with her business for a project I am working on. Before the meeting, I did some research on her company online. What I found was a pitiful WordPress blog-powered website that couldn’t possibly be performing for her business. I only called her because of a recommendation. If all I had to look at was her website, I would never have called her.

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The City of Santa Fe paid over $233,000 to leave CivicPlus

A recent newspaper article from the Albuquerque Journal in New Mexico exposed the true cost of using CivicPlus to build and host a large municipal website, and also the enormous cost of trying to replace a CivicPlus website with a “roll-your-own” solution using open-source software and custom programming from scratch. The result was one whopper of a bill ($233,800) for the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Beware of “The Moat” at Work – Long Article


The Moat is something that every manager and team member should be aware of. It can hurt a company’s morale and productivity, and it is something that can be avoided. But at some point, nearly every company will experience moats within their organizations. This article is about The Moat, what it is, how to deal with it, and how to make your work team run more smoothly.

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10 Ways to Improve Your Municipal Web Design RFP

I have been building websites for 17 years professionally, and my company has been focused on government projects as part of our services since about 2008. For the most part, I have found that most municipalities don’t do a very good job writing, specifying, or managing their Requests for Proposal (RFP) documents or process when they put out a bid to have their website redesigned.

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Completing projects, hiring employees, opening a new office

Been a crazy spring

We are back on track at Delaware.Net after being completely bogged down with our datacenter migration. We hoped it would take a couple of months, but it took six months to get it all done. Things are now running better than ever, and it is saving us a ton of money over running a private datacenter here. Now we can be as flexible as a small startup, yet leverage our experience and resources to focus on new products and growth. We had two new staff members that didn’t work out, and that also slowed us down a bit. But we were able to finish their projects and we are now hiring to replace them.

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Yet another WordPress Vulnerability

There are many alternatives to WordPress. I obviously still current use WordPress for this blog, but our upcoming CMS platform built on DJango will change that. I will migrate my personal blog away from WordPress to our own open-source CMS platform that we will be announcing soon. I got this email today from our datacenter provider about yet another WordPress vulnerability:

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“IT Truths” Articles Coming

My recent article about how to “hack your local chamber of commerce” got some great feedback. I shared a lot of lessons in that article, and that has motivated me to share more articles to help organizations get more out of their websites and marketing.

Over the years, I have a collected a ton of articles and presentations that I have written so that I could write a book on running a web design business, and also another book on what makes a website “high performance”. These articles are stacking up, and I believe that I am at a point where I can start organizing them. Some of the content is made up of very brief tips and tricks and IT truths and TOUGH LOVE that reflect today’s website design and marketing environment. Whether you are a website owner, designer, IT worker, or agency owner, there is something in there for you.

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Tweetdeck for Twitter – Finally Upgraded

I like Twitter, and I hate Twitter at the same time. It can be a source of useful information for research and news, and at the same time it can be a time sink full of  white noise from egomaniac self-described “social media expert” idiots. I have found that the only way to use Twitter successfully in business is to NOT use the Twitter website, but to use an application to leverage the massive conversation that is happening on Twitter all at once.

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It is time to fire your phone system vendor – like now

We just got our new phone system up. It was painless. It is wonderful. For $99 a month we get up to 15 employee phone lines. And the sound quality is crystal clear. This is VERY bad news for the local companies that sell phone systems like Panasonic, Lucent, etc. There will always be a need for an enterprise level phone system for, well, enterprises. But small to medium businesses that have had to spend thousands of dollars for a phone system are going to be overjoyed once their phone contracts expire. The future of business phone service is finally here, and it finally works.

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10 Ways to Hack Your Chamber of Commerce for Results

In this article, I will explain how you can save your business time, money, and frustration in dealing with your local chambers of commerce so that you get the most out of what they have to offer, while limiting your exposure to them. I am sharing some of the secrets of how chambers work so that you can use them to make informed decisions and better your business.

Some Background
I have built and hosted websites for over a dozen chambers of commerce for over 15 years. I’ve attended countless chamber mixers, ribbon cuttings, business expos, fundraisers, etc. I had some great experiences and business relationships from those experiences. Unfortunately, I have also had some very bad experiences with those chambers as well. Now that my company no longer targets chambers of commerce as a business vertical, I can finally share some secrets that will help you to learn from my experiences.

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