Google Analytics to Offer Real-Time Traffic Stats

Google just announced that they are going to provide REAL-TIME stats showing users on your website.

details here:

This is LONG overdue and it is great news for website owners because you won’t have to use a separate tool to view who is live on your site. I am sure that it won’t include real-time chat functionality with your web users, so you will still have to use a real-time chat client if you want that functionality for now. There are a couple of real-time chat clients that we use to interact with clients in real-time when they are on one of our websites, and this is a valuable tool as well because you can see new prospects and also competitors as they use your website.

It is about time that Google added new functionality to Google Analytics to make it relevant again. It has always felt as just a gateway drug to purchasing adwords, so adding this functionality is great news.

Since the feature is not rolled out officially, you can pre-register on their site to get access to it quickly. You will need to be the administrator on your analytics account to gain access. The form to sign up is in the Google blog post.

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