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Bought a new motorcycle - a 2015 Yamaha R1!


If you aren't into motorcycles, then you just won't understand. If you ARE into motorcycles, then you already know what this motorcycle is.
Its Yamaha's new superbike that includes MotoGP technology that you can drive on the road. 

No, I am not made of money. I actually sold two other motorcycles to buy this one. It was worth it.

The engine is a 1000cc 200hp 4 cylinder.
The wheels are magnesium - stock. 
The subframe (seat frame) - is magnesium. 
The engine's connecting rods and valves are titanium.
The electronics package has 6 gyroscopes and has a dizzying array of options. 

Quite simply, its the best motorcycle I have ever ridden. I will post more information on it soon as I am just breaking it in

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