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2016 Year in Review - Plus 2017 Resolutions and Goals!

Time to look back on 2016 and gear-up for a very successful 2017!
A lot happened in 2016!


  • My beautiful wife and I welcomed our second baby girl on Halloween. What a blessing she is!
    We are now blessed to have two healthy little girls that are both Colorado-born.
  • My older kids are driving now and they will be 16 in January. Time flies!

Our new Daughter. Born in October.

2016 Business Accomplishments and Challenges for EvoGov in 2016

  • New City Website Designs, New Government Customers!
    We finally figured out our "secret sauce" after years of working on our process and business strategy to be the leader in building local government websites. 
    We are finding new customers across North America, and they appreciate the value we are bringing to them.
    Our goal is to be the number one vendor in the industry and we are well on our way.
  • Challenge - Existing Customer Upgrades in 2016 Drained Us
    We helped a TON of our existing customers upgrade their websites to our new cloud-based platform, most for a low cost or no cost at all. That decision required a ton of time, money and lost productivity. It slowed down our company's growth, but it was the right thing to do to service our customers. Now this is behind us, we should grow MUCH more rapidly in 2017. 
  • Staffing
    We had some staff turnover early in 2016, and I had to fire a friend because it wasn't working out. It was all necessary and the company is MUCH better for it. We hired a new head of development, and he has been working out great. We were able to get our platform to run more reliabily, add features, and make it much faster.  If things continue to progress as they are at the end of the year, we will be hiring very soon in 2017.
  • Software
    The amount of improvements we have made to our cloud-based software platform are staggering. And we are not slowing down. A new 311 system and a new GIS system will be completed soon.
  • Sales
    We are turning out sales qutoes faster than we ever did before, and we are building large websites in a fraction of the time that it used to take. 
  • Investors on the Horizon?
    We are attracting several investors in my company now, and it will be interesting to see how that helps up grow in 2017.


  • I have been working on my nutrition quite a bit more, and hitting the gym more frequently.
    I have already lost 35 pounds, and by spring 2017 I will be down even more. 

Getting Fit!

Motorcycling - One of my passions

  • I had to put motorcycling down when I moved to Colorado a few years ago. That changed in 2016.
  • I worked a lot with the Motorcycle Roadracing Association to help with rider safety. 
  • 2016 was the year I decided to start organizing my personal motorcycle racing program for 2017.
  • My 2015 Yamaha R1 is now a track-only bike.
  • I decided that I would retire from motorcycle coaching (MSF), as coaching in Colorado is just too corrupt to coach here (long story).
  • Later in 2017 I may get another road bike if the money is there. 

Award I won for working with the
Motorycle Roadracing Association of Colorado
in my spare time and doing a good job for them.


  • Moving to Colorado was one of the best decisions my wife and I ever made. Delaware was simply a terrible place to live and run my company. Delaware is now the number 2 state in the country for heroin abuse. If it wasn't for my in-laws living in Delaware (some are now moving out) I would never return to Delaware. 
  • The weather, environment, culture, business environment, recreation, and every other thing you can imagine is better here in Colorado. Life is good! 

A 530 acre park is being built next to my neighborhood and will open in 2017!
This was taken on a hike there near the summit of a foothill.
This is literally next to my neighborhood.
Beautiful weather and blue skies here and zero humidity.

2017 Goals

Better Health in 2017!

I am gearing up to do some motorcycle racing in April of 2017, and I have a target weight that I want to be at by then.
I won't reveal that number (hah!) but I should be able to hit it no problem. It will make me more competitive. 
There is a large gym here in southern Denver that I go to that is terrific. Makes it easier. 

Business Growth in 2017!

We will be releasing new features that will catapault our company to a new level in the first quarter of 2017.
These features will help cities to be safer, and better service their communities. Very exciting stuff.
There are investors looking at us now, and they had better invest while we are such a good bargain!

More Motorcycling and Motorcycle Racing in 2017!

Some friends and I are going to New Mexico, California, and Texas this winter in early 2017 if budgets allow. 
Will be riding with the Motorcycle Racing Association of Colorado in 2017. 

My 2015 Yamaha R1 Racebike. Close to 200 horsepower!

More Blogging in 2017!

The feedback from this blog has been very positive on the very few articles I have posted, especially my local marketing pieces and the one about chambers of commerce. 
I have been so busy at work that I have not had a chance to write as many articles as I really wanted to in 2016, but that will change in 2017!
I use Evernote (great tool) to store all of my notes for future articles, and I have a ton coming.
I literally have enough material to write a book (someday). 

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