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Chamber of Commerce Article is Most Viewed

A while ago I wrote an article about Chambers of Commerce, and how you can hack your local chamber for results.

Today, it is the most visited page on my blog, and I even get phone phone calls about the article.
It is interesting to me, because people that have had similar experiences to me are doing Google searches that bring them to my blog post. 
If you read my article, you can quickly tell that I am not a fan of local chambers of commerce, and I probably only have myself to blame for that. 
You see, years ago, I partnered with most of my local chambers of commerce to grow their business (the chamber) and mine. 
In the end, the chambers made tens of thousands of dollars off of a local event that I created, only to then stab me in the back and copy my event. 
We are not talking about one local bad apple chamber of commerce, we are talking ALL FIFTEEN OF THEM. 

Check out my article, and discover some of my tips on how you can leverage your local chamber to grow your business, without exposing yourself and your business to what I call "Chamber Liability".
With local meetups (, email newsletters that you can create on your own, running your own local marketing events using EventBrite, Local BNI type groups, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, and other methods, you can get all of the benefits of marketing with a chamber of commerce, without the cost or liability. 

Check out the article here: 

New Hope, PA Chamber closes amid scandal and embezzlement. 

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