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Driving traffic to your website

Probably the most common question that web site owners ask, is how to get additional traffic to their websites. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be the only way to make this happen. Today, however, SEO is just one of several tools that you will need in your strategy to increase traffic. Article after the jump Here is a great article from Inc. Magazine, that gives the basics on a strategy to increase your website traffic: This article is obviously high-level, but we can assist companies with putting all of these strategies to work for your business. Remember, however, that traffic alone doesn't equate to sales. I've seen companies that pay Google for traffic and drive tons of traffic to their websites, without a plan for getting clients to purchase. This is a sloppy way to market and it wastes a lot of money. My point is this - focus on making sure that your website has a good design, is easy to use, is regularly updated, and gives your customers what they are looking for first. Then implement a strategy using social media, blogs, SEO, and all that things that make up a true marketing strategy. Read the article. It is a good one.